A comedy of errors?

A murder of crows; a cete of badgers; or a bale of turtles. No, these expressions are not a fanciful comedy of errors, but, in fact, belong to a real group called terms of venery. And, yes, ‘a comedy of errors’ is one such term, too.

Not quite outback

Ten thousand people have travelled to Jimbour House any which way they can, by plane, car, bus, train, from all parts of Australia, and even from around the globe. This event is an operatic bucket-list trip of the highest order. This is how Aussies do opera!

The albatross latitudes

Visiting New Zealand's subantarctic islands is an adventure; with no air strips and too remote for helicopters, ship is the only way to get there. Expedition cruises – not the glamorous dress-for-dinner kind of holiday cruise – cater for those who want a little more gravitas for their holiday buck.