Why The Naked Editor?

One morning a fellow communicator, a friend of mine, popped by my house. It was early, so I was stepping out the shower when I heard her knock on the door. Guessing it was Lou, I shouted out, 'Hang on. Give me two ticks!'

Lou let out a squeal and shouted back, 'Ooooh, a naked editor!'

And so this blog was named.

My name is Susan Prior and I live on Norfolk Island. I started The Naked Editor as a home for an eclectic range of stories that I produce as a writer. Some get picked up by the media, some don't, for a whole variety of reasons. But at least on here they can find a home. Other stories can be found over at my other blog Secret Brisbane, a site that is exactly about what it says it is, and which is now dormant as I no longer live there.

My other blog is over at Norfolk ISLAND TIME.

I'm also an editor, so if you need any help on that score you are welcome to give me a buzz. Find out more about my services over at Write-now!, my professional writing and editing website.