Why The Naked Editor?

One morning a fellow communicator, a friend of mine, popped by my house. It was early, so I was stepping out the shower when I heard her knock on the door. Guessing it was Lou, I shouted out, 'Hang on. Give me two ticks!'

Lou let out a squeal and shouted back, 'Ooooh, a naked editor!'

And so this blog was named.

My name is Susan Prior and I live in Brisbane. I started The Naked Editor as a home for an eclectic range of stories that I produce as a writer. Some get picked up by the media, some don't, for a whole variety of reasons. But at least on here they can find a home. Other stories can be found over at my other blog Secret Brisbane, a site that is exactly about what it says it is.

I'm also an editor, so if you need any help on that score you are welcome to give me a buzz. Find out more about my services over at Write-now!, my professional writing and editing website.